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The specializations offered for the Bengaluru University MBA programme are:

  • Marketing

Sales and marketing are the most essential functions of the company and no company can even think to survive without this. Apart from regular selling of products by the sales team, the role of marketing manager is to do market research, product development, promotion and public relation activities. Sales and Marketing managers formulate the marketing strategies for a firm by analyzing the demand of the firm's products and services in the market. They also identify competitors and potential markets such as businesses, retailers, wholesalers, government, and the general public. In this program students are instilled with the skills and knowledge, which is required to become a Pro in sales and marketing field. Students are trained for marketing and sales specialization, and in addition to that they also acquire uncanny techniques and strategies of selling products. Marketing a business or product is not as easy as it may sound. It requires analyzing the audience and to sell them your service in the most effective way.

  • Human Resources Management

As the market gets more and more service oriented, companies are getting up to the importance of the human resource. For success of any industry and company it is essential that human resource is utilized in the best possible way. This is done by a HR manager. Though the regular work of a human resource manager is to hire people matching them to the jobs they are meant for, there is much more to the job. He needs to advertise positions/vacancies, administer employee benefits, arrange for their training etc. Besides, they also assist workers to boost their morals and give training and coaching to maximize their abilities. The person who is acting in the role of human resources manager also consults with company executives in matters of budgeting and planning when it comes to hiring decisions. Most human resources managers work in office environments.

  • Finance 

Finance is the study of funds management. Areas of finance include public finance, personal finance and business finance. Finance management is the backbone of any company whether it is a corporate business house or some small financial institutions. Proper financial management safeguards the wealth of an organization and ensures that the business gets sufficient returns on investment.

Financial Managers are also known as a Personal Financial Advisors, Financial Planners or Financial Consultants. Financial management offers a number of career options to students ranging from financial planning to sales.

There are lots of career opportunities in this field. It is one of the top career options for students in India. A student after completing his/her course in finance can initially join as a trainee or as a finance manager. A finance manager can also seek employment in various sectors such as in government and private sectors, public accounting firms, markets research, budget planning, corporations and consultancies.

  • Health Care Management

Few industries are as dynamic and critical as the health care sector. From secretaries to surgeons, the teams that treat patients need assistance from management professionals with technical knowledge of health care’s unique financial and regulatory environment. This sector is one of the important social sectors operating in the economy which has a bearing on the performance of other sectors within the economy. Health sector consumes a large proportion of resources. As a consequence, there are major economic issues involved, not only amount is right, how best to spend it and to whom. Therefore the course becomes imperative for policy makers, planners and managers in the field of healthcare. Graduates in this field can work in Hospitals, Insurance Companies & HMOs, Pharmaceutical companies and medical manufactures, Non-profits and governmental health organizations.

The course will provide bird’s eye view of health care sector, including the policies pertaining to health care set up in India. The course will help the participants to be familiar with terminology as applicable to Health care set up including having overview of non- clinical disciplines.

  • Startups and SMEs Management

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) contribute nearly 8 percent of the country’s GDP, 45 percent of manufacturing output and 40 percent exports. As estimated 47 million enterprises with an investment of Rs.13 trillion in fixed assets accounted for an employment of 106 million people in 2012-13. They provide the largest share of employment after agriculture. They are the nurseries for entrepreneurship and innovation. MSME is rightly recognized as an engine of economic growth and as an important and vibrant socio-economic actor in the national ecosystem. But in an increasingly globalizing market, Competitiveness is the key for the survival and growth of MSME. This demands sound strategic and operational management of the enterprise. This specialization is aimed at imparting knowledge and skills to address this demand. Graduates in this field can work

  • Banking Finance and Insurance Services (BFIS)

The students have a choice of choosing any of the two areas of Specialization during their Second year.

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